Treehouse Roots
Our Mission:  To create stability, using the principles of Permaculture and collaboration with all human kind.  

The Purpose of the Treehouse is to create sustainable communities and learning centers which model nature to create basic human needs.  As stewards of the Earth, we see the importance to reduce what we take, give back, and honor our home that gives so graciously for us. 

Our educational style involves skill sharing, volunteering, WWOOFing, apprenticeships, Internships, workshops, and tours of the projects.  Some skills learned might include sustainable agricultural management, construction & fabrication, and community development.     

The Treehouse Sustainable Arts and Living Project, Inc. is a Non-profit organization inspired by the Seneca Treehouse. 

About the Seneca Treehouse Project

The Seneca Treehouse is transforming a typical home and property to provide food, water, shelter, energy, and a service for humanity.  The Treehouse is geared towards helping people live ethically with the environment and each other  We are a community service through workshops, field trips, tours of the project, food system developments, energy conservation, and video documentation.

A location that brings together residents and guests with positive ideas and a commitment to community, education, and eco-living.

These creative individuals collaborate through shared interests and the principles of sustainability to develop permaculture and healthy living.  Here, people can develop interest and skills to share with the world later.

The Treehouse is in a transition from standard to sustainable.  Some things we will focus our energy on include: recourse conservation, sustainable and efficient food and land use, growing diverse food crops using permaculture principles, building sustainable and inexpensive alternatives for shelter using natural and recycled material, energy efficiency and production, and leveraging human capital.

Be a part of a brighter future and get involved with the Treehouse Projects. Let's be the change that we wish to see in the world.   

Treehouse Sustainable Arts & Living Project
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