Shop Locally


Your dollar is a major voting tool.  Spend your money with people who are practicing moral and sustainable business practices.  Shopping locally is generally good too!

Hochstetlers Grocery

Transition Towns Around The World

Clemson Area Food Exchange (CAFE) - an easy way to buy local healthy food and goods

Students for Environmental Action


The Arts Center - Clemson

Rensing Center

ScottBunn - custom wood and metal furniture and crafts; carpentry

BunnConstruction - custom homes, landscapes and renovations - Support the Treehouse by purchasing art from the residents.

TendersoftheEarth - Tenders of the Earth can help you and your community become more sustainable. 

Wheelhouse Construction - Building custom homes, remodeling, and property rentals 

Eco Age - Eco-Age is a Brand Consultancy that enables businesses to achieve growth by adding value through sustainability.