Sustainable Buildings to Last

Amity Builders, llc. is our construction division of Treehouse Internatural.  Treehouse Internatural, inc. is a benefit cooperation, meaning that we strive to do business that will benefit people and the planet.  To accomplish this purchase as many local and responsibly produced materials as possible.  Our buildings are designed to reduce fossil fuel consumption both during the construction phase, and the life of the structure.  Click the link below and fill out a form to get the process started.  We welcome you to tour the Seneca Treehouse Project to get a feel for our quality and diversity of work. Check out to schedule a tour. 

We offer a variety of ways to help your vision become a reality. From our Amity Builders division to our Treehouse Tools and Training divison, we can work with you to design and construct your project, or outfit you with the skills and tools to do it yourself!

Construction - Whether it's a large home, tiny home, event center, custom pod house, earthen building, or just a small project, like a cobb oven or garden arbor, Amity Builders can help you build an efficient, comfortable, and beautiful structure for you or your community.  We also offer landscape construction including ponds, swales and other earthworks.  


Custom Fabrication - Scroll through some of the pictures below, and you will see our diversity of creation.  We build gates, railing, blacksmithing, custom furniture, art, tree houses, mosaics, bar tops, and just about anything you can think of.  Yes we have even built custom cars and boats.  Bring us a plan or just an idea and we will enjoy the art of creating it for, or with, you. 

Treehouse Tools & Training - Join us and our Amity Builders divison for our hands-on, applied learning.  It is not only fun, but extremely empowering to create these beautiful and functional masterpieces.  We offer workshops at the Seneca Treehouse Project providing you with a room, food, and classes sharing tools and techniques empowering you to provide for your family and community. Check out Treehouse Tools & Training for more information


Treehouse Maker Space - We have over 600 tools that you can use! Purchase a membership and rent our tools and our shop space at a very reasonable price. Check our our Maker Space for more information.

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403 Coneross Ave

Seneca, SC 29678