Treehouse Learning Center

Food, Water, Shelter, Energy, and Community...


Home base for the Treehosue Non-Profit, the TLC is a sustainable showcase of basic human necessities.

The Treehouse Learning Center (TLC) is our base of operations, and a bastion of everything that we stand for at the Seneca Treehouse Project. Permacultural practices ensure that our plant life and livestock can supply us with a consistent source of food. Our modernized living areas are powered by on-site energy production, while our waste is reintroduced to the ecosystem to sustain the next generation of life. Various work stations provide the tools we need for Amity Builders and Treehouse Tools and Training to generate sustainable revenue. The surrounding forest and lake areas provide recreation while keeping us in touch with our surrounding environment. Overall, the learning center is our refuge of natural living and cutting-edge sustainability, offering a shining example of producing for our needs using the space we already have.

Why is this important?

We are in the midst of one of the most impactful times in history. Populations are growing, and with them, poverty rates rise. Pollution is increasing, soil fertility is decreasing, and climate changes are spiking worldwide. However, we are also coming to understand many fascinating and powerful technologies and techniques. In times like these, it is important that we all be mindful of our actions and take steps to live more responsibly. Treehouse founders Scott and Chelsea Bunn turned their personal home and property into a learning center to join this endeavor, offering a shining example of producing for one's needs using the space they already have.


The Next Step

We are working to create new learning centers, empowering people around the world to live sustainably. Check out our GoFundMe page to get involved!

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