STP Residency

Living at the the Seneca Treehouse Project offers experience like no other residency in the area.  We offer a variety of alternative living and learning opportunities.  If you want to check it out before you commit, visit us through airbnb.  Please read our Standard Operating Procedures, then proceed to fill out the Resident Interview.  Feel free to browse the links below to scope out the rooms we have to offer.  


Sunrise room for two

A fully furnished room with a porch overlooking Lake Hartwell- above which the sun rises. While staying here, interact with our community whose intention is to cultivate sustainable living.  This room has all of the amenities of a standard American home (hot showers, water toilets, AC, etc.)


Treetop Beech Dreams


Stay in a beautifully designed tree house that graces the branches of an old beech tree.  Wake up with fresh air in your lungs and a sunrise over Lake Hartwell.  This tree house is open air with a mosquito net and has access to an indoor bathroom with a water toilet and hot water.  No AC is available for the tree house, but there is a fan.

Tiny House on wheels

This is our garden friendly version of a tiny house. Gypsy house on the outside, rustic wood working on the inside, this tiny house has  sleeping for a small family of 3-4 with an outdoor shower, kitchenette, composting toilet, and AC.  This tiny house is for sale, or we can build you one even better!  Options for indoor shower and water toilets can be arranged.


Manifest Dreams, Serenity, and Eagles's Next

These are the three upstairs rooms inside the main house.  These are the rooms that are usually occupied by students and interns.  There is a separate kitchen, dining, and game area in the upstairs common space.  

The Space

Our intentional community, and the beautiful land surrounding us make this space unique. The bedroom shares a bathroom with an adjoining bedroom and can be private upon request. There is a lot of good work being done at the Seneca Treehouse project. If you wish, you can do self guided tours of the project.  Guided tours can be arranged for an additional cost.  

Guest Access

Guests have access to two bathrooms, a Kitchen, porches that overlook the Lake, direct TV, and our canoes and kayaks. Additionally, there are many things going on with the project that guests are welcome to join in such as hands on workshops through Treehouse Tools & Training.  

The Neighborhood

We are lucky to have access to the wilderness and Lake Hartwell. We are doing a lot on the property including animal husbandry, food production, and alternative construction.


Getting Around

There is Amtrak nearby, Clemson Area Transit (CAT) is a good bus system in Clemson and Seneca (both about 15 minutes away). We have bikes that we are willing to share as well.