What is "Treehouse Internatural?"

The Seneca Treehouse Project has recently become a part, or maybe I should call it a fold or a region, in a larger organism: Treehouse Internatural, Inc. This is a newly-registered benefit corporation devoted to growing the promise of Permaculture. What do we mean by this metamorphosis? What’s with that unusual name? Why not Treehouse International? In this post I hope to offer some brief answers to these questions. (But stay tuned! The book I'm working on with Scott Bunn, Steps to Sustainable, aims to distill the purpose of Treehouse Internatural into portable and practical form!)

First I should say that the transition is not like that miraculous exchange of the caterpillar for the butterfly, in which a beautiful, slow-and-steady, place-bound creature is lost and replaced with something larger but lighter, destined to leave behind its birthplace and fly after abstractions like distant flowers. The first principle of Permaculture, which co-founder David Holmgren calls "Observe and Interact," insists that we pay meticulous and respectful attention to the specificity of place. This applies in building our homes, in living our lives and in growing our work and businesses. The Seneca Treehouse is still there, in the same place as ever, serving and attending to its community and folding its practices around the climate and contour of the lake country of upstate South Carolina.

Its Project is still at the heart of Treehouse Internatural, which we hope will serve as a bridge between all the methods (Treehouse Tools and Training,